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March update

Hello everybody! First off, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being so supportive and understanding during this time. It really means so much to us to be part of such a supportive and dynamic industry, where everyone collectively encourages being responsible for our actions, the impact they have on each other and our environment. Getting into the nitty gritty; We absolutely agree with the mayor's decision to enact a state of emergency, to have access for added emergency measures to deter the spread of this virus. It is a decision, i'm sure, that is taken with the utmost concern for the public health and we support their decision. Despite the impact it will undoubtedly have on our community, we know our community will persevere because we are all in this together. Even though everything seems very uncertain right now, Kennedy and I wanted to express our commitment to your safety and security. So we have decided to continue operating the shop through appointment only for the time being, to better serve you and be mindful of the risks to the public health and do our part to mitigate any potential spread. If you have any servicing that needs to be done on regulators, gear or cylinders. This would be a great time to bring them in to prepare and continue to be proactive for the fast approaching summer. We also have a promotion from PADI for 20% off all e-learning right now. So even though we cannot schedule any classes in the pools due to the closure of public spaces and gatherings, we can continue to educate our amazing diving community through our online e-learning classes. On that note, we have had to cancel our class in march due to the closures. We have been told to at least consider a two week closure but to prepare for 2 months. (June 1st) We truly hope that we will not have to cancel April and May's classes and will keep everyone up to date as such, when we are informed on the situation. We will continue offering trips for our certified divers through our newsletter, website and Facebook page. I know many of you are anxious to participate in our exclusive trips and we have been working very hard to plan some great trips this year. So again, we simply ask that you remain patient at this time, since it is very hard to book anything anywhere right now. Even if we can't get our chartered trips booked for spring, we will still be participating in our local camping trips, as long as the parks are not affected by the bans and closures issued by the government. In closing, We want to assure everyone that we are not going anywhere. The shop is not closing forever and we remain committed to serving you, supporting our community and the Diving Industry. Regardless of the hysteria, fear and disinformation that is being perpetuated in the news and social media. We remain determined in our continued resolve to be a positive influence to our fellow Canadians and the world. We know that the public's potential to be supportive and compassionate far outweigh a minority of people keen on seeing things fall apart. We strongly believe the majority who are dedicated to preserve life, will prevail and we will continue striving to be part of the shining light to guide us through this difficult time.

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