our scuba classes run like this:


you do the on-line course that is supplied by us at your own speed.

FRIDAY EVENING | 7:30pm. That is when we will make sure all the paper work is done and answer any questions you may have about scuba.


At the shop we will learn about scuba gear, how it should fit, putting it together, taking it apart, then also go over what we are going to be doing in the pool.


8:30pm we head to the Canada Games Pool, we are in the Pool from 9pm. –10:30pm. At the pool we will go over a lot of snorkel and scuba exercises.


11:00pm. We head back to the shop to hang up the equipment to dry for Saturday and again answer any questions you may have, we also fill in log books.


SATURDAY | 2PM. we will go over gear, dive tables and what we will be doing in the pool.


4pm-6pm  we will be in the pool, again go over a bunch of scuba exercises.

6:30pm  We head back down to the shop put all scuba gear away and sign off the log books.

SUNDAY | 2pm. Meet at the shop.


4pm-6pm In the pool 


So from here you are done all the confined water work unless you feel you would like more pool time. As for the on-line course you need to have that done before the “open water testing”

Now it depends up to you how you want to do the “Open Water Testing.”
You can finish with us in the spring, summer or fall, or finish somewhere it is nice and warm.
If it is with us, we are not doing Open Water Tests in the winter months, so it would have to be before 
the end of Oct.


If you decide to finish in the warmth of where you like we will give you a Referral Packet to take with you.

Complete cost $780.00+tax

*$255.00 Deposit Required

Gives you – on-line course, classroom time, pool classes+lake classes, equipment for the pool+lake time, log book, PIC – card and instructor.


The open water done with Ocean Pacific will be 3 days in the pool.

Then 2 days in the lake, for 2 dives each day.


If we did do it on the BC Coast it would run over 3 days and cost an additional $300.00 - $450.00 per person for a chartered boat dive and accommodations.