Scuba diving shop since 1970,  located in Kamloops BC. Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports, was originally called "Inland Pacific Scuba". Then went by the name, "Ocean Pacific Scuba and Ski". 

The name was changed to "Ocean Pacific Watersports Inc." in 1994. Then changed to Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports in 2019. 

Besides teaching PADI scuba certifications, we have a great service dept. we can fix your dry tops, dry suits, wet suits, regulators, buoyancy control devices, masks, fins, snorkels, dive computers, cylinders, air fills up to 4000psi, certified breathing air and much more. 



  • Snorkeling

  • Recreational Scuba diving

  • Rescue diving

  • Deep diving

  • Underwater navigation

  • Night diving

  • Current diving

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Underwater photography

  • Relocation and Recovery

  • Nitrox diving

  • Altitude diving

  • Perfect buoyancy

  • Multilevel diving

  • Dry suit training

  • Boat licensing

We also provide equipment rentals and repairs. Diving computer and regulator calibration. First stage and second stage servicing. Avalanche control device refills (BCA & Mammut).





Rescue Diver


is the new current owner of Ocean Pacific. Jon has spent the past three years diving and getting certified as a Rescue Diver.

Before starting a career as a professional diver, Jon spent the past 6 years single handedly advocating for his father, Al, in Vernon. Al was diagnosed with Parkinson's and Lewy body dementia in 2015.


Jon's professional career, before being the owner of Ocean Pacific, was an owner of a Tattoo business in Vernon.

Before that Jon was an accomplished B level welder working all over British Columbia and Alberta. In Screw-piling fabrication shops in Nisku, to sheet metal shops fabricating in Port Coquitlam. To jobs installing culverts all over the Vancouver area, plus jobs in the oil and gas sector in Fort St. John and also in the forestry sector in Princeton to Gold and Copper mines in the northern McKenzie area.

Seeing a major shift and change in the industry he felt so much pride for, he no longer felt it was the appropriate industry to be supporting. Noticing the growing need for environmental awareness and advocacy. Jon decided to put that growing need within himself, to be a voice for conservation and environmental protection, into action with his commitment in Ocean Pacific. 





Melissa has been teaching diving since 2008. In Melissa's career, she has accumulated over 2500 dives in BC, Washington, Florida, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Fiji. 

Melissa is our certified PADI Specialty instructor. She was specializing in Shark Behavior and Conservation summer programs from working in Fiji on a shark reef marine reserve. She is also a certified level 3 "Emergency First Responder".

Before being a dive instructor, she worked as wild-land firefighter and an international disaster recovery specialist supervisor.

Melissa's career in diving has been more than exemplary, in her professional role as lead instructor for a number of renowned yachting and live-aboard dive companies throughout the years. She has also accomplished many achievements, such as running her own martial arts instructor program, teaching Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specializing in self-defense.

She is also currently serving a 3 year term as a women's representative for the Union of British Columbia Indigenous Chiefs.

We are more than excited to have Melissa onboard and truly believe she will be an extremely valuable asset to Ocean Pacific, as an open advocate for women's rights and a leading example of immense talent and dedication to safety, self defense, self reliance and professionalism.

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